Welcome to Spirit Mountain Retreat

Nestled among the fragrant western cedar, pine, and oak forest of Idyllwild, California, is Spirit Mountain Retreat, a special place for people seeking to awaken to the deepest sense of who they are and the Great Work of our time.

Spirit Mountain Retreat is open year round for individual, couple, and small group retreats, programs, and sabbaticals. The Center has five private bedrooms. The meeting space, adjoining the Hill House, accommodates up to 15 individuals for a one day retreat program.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space for you to enter into quiet reflection, awaken to your inner story and attune to your life energy.

Our Vision

At the heart of Spirit Mountain Retreat is this vision: As we awaken to the power of who we are, we come to see that our personal story is connected to a larger story, a Planetary Story, a Universe Story. As we embrace and live in the larger story, we find our place within it and become open to feelings of compassion, justice and peacemaking. We become One with Divine Consciousness.

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Awaken to your inner story...attune to your life energy...ground awareness and commitment...enter into quiet reflection